About Us

We “Happy-call” think the best for our customers is to give them trust and sincerity.

CEO’s greeting

Thank you for visiting to our web-site and we are pleased to introduce Happy-call Co., Ltd. Happy-call, which was established in 1997 
with the spirit of faith and sincerity, has gradually grown through developing/supplying raw materials and e-business. We are trying to contribute to the community by practicing environmental conservation, 
moral management, fair trade and honest tax payment.
Also we promise that we will strengthen one-step service about, every kind of regulatory affairs and imports/exports. We greatly consider the relationship with our customers and we are doing our best to meet the satisfaction 
of our customer by offering innovative service. 
Happy-call’s goal is to provide high quality products to cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and to develop new kinds of raw materials. In addition, Happy-call does its best to contribute to society by preserving the environment, 
practicing ethical administration, performing fair business transactions and faithfully paying taxes.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your interests on Happy-call.

Happy-call’s Five values
1.Producing constant profits: producing profits is fundamental business demand.
Happy-call focuses on the benefits of customers and employees.
2.Providing innovative service to customers: Happy-call does its best to give customers utmost satisfaction. 
We pursue a firm partnership with customers by developing high quality products and by providing advanced scientific and technical service.
3.Being responsible for the safety and the health of people and environment: Happy-call always fulfills its responsibility for all its initiatives.
We believe that the safety and the health of people and environment come first before company’s profit.
4.Mutual respect and open discussion: Happy-call respects all people with fairness and respect.
Happy-call encourages free discussion not only its employees but also with business partners and various relevant associations and groups. Happy-call also actively supports its employees 
so that they can show their originality and potential energy for the success of the whole company.
We try to act up to our words and observe related laws, regulations and good business practices.